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Unexpected Brushing Rules


Brushing isn’t always a simple affair—especially when hair extensions are involved. The risk of tangling, knotting, or even breaking hair increases when bonds are holding whole sections of strands together, and extension ends—removed from access to the scalp’s natural oils—can get dry and brittle without proper brushing care. Using the right Hair Extension Brush is a good remedy to these problems, as the 100% boar hair bristles glide easily over extension attachments and distribute the scalp’s oils throughout the hair. Still, it’s really just a starting point; technique is what really matters, and it can be taught to any client using a couple of steps, some key rules, and (of course) in-person demonstration. Here’s what your clients need to know:


1. Start at the ends of the hair.

2. Place your free hand a couple of inches above where you’re brushing, and hold the hair firmly in that spot (to avoid tugging on the bonds or the roots).

3. Brush in a downward motion, coaxing (not tearing) out knots.

4. Gradually work upwards towards the roots of the hair, always brushing in a downward motion.

Key Rules:

– Use an extension-friendly, 100% human hair bristle brush to brush your extensions, as it will unravel knots and spread hydrating oils while gliding smoothly over your attachment points.

– Do not brush dripping-wet hair. Wet hair is more likely to break than dry hair. Instead, pull apart knots in wet hair with your fingers, or use a wide-tooth comb as a preliminary detangler.

– Do not yank the brush through the hair. Doing so will cause breakage. Address knots by pulling them apart with your fingers.

– Brush hair extensions 1-3 times daily to ensure that the oils from your scalp are reaching the extension ends.

Some Suggestions:

– If your hair texture causes your hair to frizz when it’s brushed dry, consider applying an anti-frizz spray, leave-in conditioner, or other styling product first so that the hair is slightly moist. Alternatively, brush the hair dry and follow-up by applying a styling product and twisting the hair into a braid or bun to set.

– If you use a blow dryer to dry your hair after a shower, brush the hair while you’re blowdrying it to produce a smooth finish (and always use a heat protectant beforehand).

– If you find that your root area loses volume after you’ve brushed your hair, consider brushing your hair upside down.

– Carry your Hair Extension Brush with you for quick touch-ups throughout the day, and always remember to pack it (alongside the rest of your After Care Kit) when you travel. This November-December, Babe is offering a special, limited edition version of our After Care Kit that’s available for purchase at your local distributor. This kit includes our classic Hair Extension Brush, Dry Spray Shampoo, a hair care card, and a cute little beauty bag to carry it all in!

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