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Instructions of How to Maintain Human Hair Lace Front Wigs?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:37:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

Human hair lace front wig is an excellent option for women who desire varied hair lengths, colors and hair texture styles without the dangers of damaging their real hair. The versatility and relative convenience of lace front wigs make them a sound investment; however, proper maintenance of the lace wigs are the most important to extending the longevity of lace front wigs. Maintaining lace front wigs takes a bit of diligence, but is well worthy of spending a little time to care.

Instructions of how to maintain:
1.Store human hair lace front wig on the foam mannequin head while you are not wearing it. Doing so will not only help the lace wig maintain its shape,but significantly lessen the chance of the wig knotting and tangling than keeping the lace wig in other place.

2.Untangle the lace front wig with a wide tooth comb before using a narrower one, if necessary. Reducing the amount of tug on the hair will cut premature shedding and maintain the original body of the lace wig.

3.Spray a non-oil based adhesive glue remover around the perimeter of your hairline before attempting to remove the lace front wig. Allow the lace to naturally raise from your skin instead of forcing removal, as this may cause significant hair breakage around and premature decomposition to the lace base as well.

4.Shampoo and condition human hair lace front wig less than once every 10 days, if possible. This can be done while wearing the wig or setting it on a mannequin head, take notice that the use of cool water to thoroughly rinse the hair should be kept consistent all the time.

5.Allow human hair lace front wig to air dry completely after washing. Like real hair, human hair lace wigs maintain a healthier appearance when not overly exposed to heat styling.this is important to the longevity of human hair wigs.

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What is Full Lace Wig

Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:25:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Full lace wigs are made from human hair. what full lace wigs are made of depends on which country the hair comes from. The most popular hair comes from India,and Asia and brazilian. Indian full lace human hair wigs can be styled to most textures patterns easily and it is soft and light, with a natural looking wave,curly texture. Brazilian usually comes from Brazil and is stronger,thicker and silky and can be straight or wavy and bleached. Asian is thick, soft, heavy and very straight. Lace wigs are attached to your head using an adhesive. The lace come with light brown,medium brown or dark brown,and gives you a natural-looking hairline.

brazilian human hair wig here is steps of how to style full lace human wigs:

1.Wash your full lace wig. Since the wig is made from human hair, it is okay to use regular shampoos and conditioners.

2.Let your full lace wig air dry completely. It is best to let your wig air dry, but a blow dryer set to medium heat is acceptable.

3.Color your full lace wig. If you want to change the color of your wig, you can take it to a professional to be colored or do it yourself from home with traditional hair dye.but only natural color that have not been dyed full human lace wigs can be colored.otherwise you should remove the dye on the hair before changing your full lace wig color.

4.Cut the full lace wig. Your wig can be cut into any style, depending on the length you have. You can do it yourself, or take it to a salon for a professional cut.

5.Style your full lace wig. Since is human hair, you can use any hair appliances that you would use on your own hair. hair can be set with rollers. You can also use a curling iron or flat iron. Another idea is to use a crimping iron on your full lace wig.

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How To Look After Your Lace Frontal Closure

Thursday, March 1, 2018 1:25:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

Almost everyone has tried a lace frontal or has contemplated one. A lace frontal allows one to wear a full weave with no hair leave out while giving the appearance of natural scalp.

If you are new to lace frontals and closures and are concerned with building a healthy hair weave regimen, here are a few guidelines brought up by Wigginshair.

1、Make sure that your weave is installed by someone who is an expert in lace installation. A greatly installed weave will give you an amazing starting point.

2、Sleep with a silk scarf avoids tying it tightly. This keeps your frontal from moving about at night and reduces friction with your hairline which could cause damage.

3、Brush your hair from tip to point everyday but be gentle when brushing the frontal area. There is nothing worse than a weave that is unkempt and matted.

4、When washing your hair, use a mild sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates are normally too harsh for weave. Especially if the weave is not virgin hair. They strip your hair of its Keratin coat and makes your weave more prone to tangling.

5、Try not to blow-dry your weave. Ever! Allow to air-dry. Not only is the blow-dry process too rough for lace, it also makes weave brittle by over drying it.

6、Use a leave-in conditioner, do not skip this step. It is important to use a leave-in conditioner in order to de-tangle strands, tame frizz, reduce fly-aways and keep your hair smooth. Choose one that is light-weight and won’t have
your hair looking greasy.

7、Never go to bed with a wet weave. This will encourage matting and lead to that musty smell. Wash your hair earlier in the day and leave to air dry.

8、Explore styling methods that do not require heat because heat can zap shine from hair. If you like your hair curly, then use light and soft bendy rollers. These should be used to set your hair overnight and can be used on dry or damp
hair not soaking wet hair to avoid matting and odors.

9、If you do insist on using heat, then use a good heat protestant, which leaves hair crunch-free, bouncy and shiny.

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Some Tips to Help You Care Your Hair

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 7:53:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you want your hair keep more amazing and more lasting, the correct care is the most important. Now, I will give you some tips to care your hair much better.Read More
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How to apply hair closure?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 12:35:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Whether you buy lace frontal closure or blonde lace frontal closure, lace cutting is a delicate process. If you have, please stop and read this article, it will help you very much.Read More
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How to Protect and Care for a Wig?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 2:33:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

You wouldn't just pay a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars for nothing, would you? Proper care for a wig can help protect it's longevity and keep you looking great.Read More
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How To Choose, Use And Care For Remy Hair Extensions?

Monday, January 16, 2017 5:26:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

How To Choose, Use And Care For Remy Hair Extensions?

With the increasing quality of people’s life, more and more people have abandoned the idea of being frugal in dressing. More and more people would like to spend on hair extensions to change their looks, and at the same time, they care more about the quality of the hair extensions instead of the price. The hair extensions made of Indian remy hair have attracted people’s attention because of their advantages in both look and quality. The Indian remy hair extensions have the characteristic that all the cuticles on the hair are aligned in the same direction, and the characteristic makes the remy hair extensions as smooth and silky as the user’s own hair.

When you choose the remy hair extensions, you should know some tips so that you can get the best effect. At first, you should know what type of hair extensions is right for you. If you only wear them for some time, you can choose the clip-in human extensions which allow you to manage them easily. Secondly, you need to know the right color, style and length of the Indian remy hair extensions for you so that you can look more natural and beautiful.The hair extensions will not last forever, but you can extend their use life with proper use tips. Although the Indian remy hair extensions are made from real human hair, they can not grow or become better like the user’s hair. Therefore, the user should chemically alter them as less as possible. Coloring can damage the hair extensions gradually. When you comb your hair extensions, you should do it gently so that you will not pull off the hair from the clip. Moreover, if you wash the hair extensions, you should make sure they are dry enough before you go to sleep. If they are wet when you are sleeping, the style of the hair extensions can change.Proper use of Indian remy hair care will help you use the hair extensions longer. At first, you should choose specialized shampoo and conditioner which are rather gentle. These hair products will make the hair extensions made of Brazilian Virgin Hair less fragile. When you go swimming, wearing a swim cap will be a good idea to protect your hair extensions from chemicals in the swimming pool. With these tips, you will know how to take care of your hair extensions. Proper choosing, use and case for your remy hair extensions can make you look excellent for months.

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