After Halloween and Black Friday, two of the biggest spending sprees of the year, the last and most important holiday of the year: Christmas sale is coming. Christmas is the most solemn traditional festival of the year, during the Christmas, people decorate their homes with evergreen plants and trees are decorated with candles, flowers, toys, stars, Christmas presents... People are used to get together with their families, hold celebrations, give each other Christmas gifts to express emotions.

Common Christmas gifts are some small gifts with Christmas elements, such as a red Christmas hat, kinds of candies, handwritten Christmas cards, Santa Claus dolls... Beside these Christmas elements gifts for family or friends, do not forget to treat yourself as well, Wiggins Hair Christmas sale will helps bring yourself a new looking for new year! Also, the price is very nice!!

Following are our new arrivals highlight wigs recommendations:

First recommendation is the P4/613 Piano Lace Front Wig, which is one of the most popular highlight wig. It made up by bases color #4 and highlight part with color #613.

The combination of the 2 colors will give you a new and fashion looking. For this highlight wig, there are Straight and Body wave 2 styles for you to choose, lace size include 5x5 and 13x4.

While choosing the hair style, maybe you could follow the following suggestions: For students or young girls, it is suggest to try the straight style, and for girls who want to looks more fashion or mature, it is suggest the body wave.

Wig link attached here:

Second is the Youtuber Highly Recommend wig: Blonde Wig With Reddish Brown Highlight 13x4 lace frontal wig, color made up by blonde and reddish brown, you can also see how distinctive it is!

It is the lace frontal wig, and texture is the body wave. You will be the most shine one while wear it on! Young fashion girls don’t missed it!

Wig link attached here:

Lastly one we recommend is a short bob wig: Straight Brown Bob Wig With Blonde Highlights, this wig with natural black root, with brown and blonde 2 kinds of highlight.

The lace size of this wig is 5x5, and length we provide is 12 and 14 inches.

Although it is a short bob wig, it’s special looking will make the wig more colorful, add more color for the new year! Also, the price is very affordable! If you are interest in it, just add to cart and order it now!

Wig link attached here:

Christmas, as the last and most important holiday of the year, the products discount also very big, don’t miss it!

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