If you are a novice in the field of wig and are preparing and thinking about buying your first wig, it is necessary to do some preparations and know some wig knowledge in advance. Today we introduce some important and necessary factors before buying a wig. These tips can help you make better choices.

1. Cap size and fit
Most wigs can be customized in small, medium, or large cap size. If it’s too big or too small, it will bring lots of trouble and inconveniences. So be sure to measure your head and check the cap size table accordingly before buying. The right fit is a key to ensuring a comfortable and natural look.

Cap size and fit


2. Quality
100% human hair with high quality will last longer. And it looks more beautiful and natural. It’s easy to manage. Of course, what you need to consider is the lace size and quality. With more lace sizes, more styles can be made. HD lace is the best quality transparent lace with invisible small knots. It can be melted into the skin perfectly. So HD lace wig is our best-selling category.

HD lace wigs


3. Style
Choose a natural hairstyle that most resembles your favorite, or choose a hairstyle that you always want to try. The good thing about wearing a wig is that you can change your look whenever you want. You can wear a short pixie wig or a long layered style next time to experience different styles.

different hair styles of wigs


4. Color
Most of the customers choose natural black. But pure colored or highlight wigs you also deserve. There are no rules to choose the color of the wig. You can purchase the one that suits your personality according to your skin tone. You can also be bold with whimsical pastels or fashion-forward dark colors.

5. Maintenance
Consider the amount of time and money you’re willing to invest in caring for your wig. The wig needs care like our own hair, such as washing, and sleeping with a hair cap to prevent tangles. You can also dye your hair, curl it, or straighten based on your needs. It can be worn longer with good care. Some necessary accessories have to be prepared such as wig liners, wig combs, brushes, and care products. Proper care will help keep your wig looking its best. Of course, the easiest hair to manage are straight and body wave wigs.

6. Budget
There are many different prices for high-quality wigs, and your budget will guide you in choosing which wigs you should look at. The length of hair is different, and the price is different. Of course, the price is more expensive for longer hair. The higher the density, the fuller the wig looks with a higher price. Depending on your budget, choosing a wig with the best value for money is very cost-effective.

All in all, it will help you a lot to know more details before you buy a wig. At Wiggins Hair, you can have many choices to meet different needs. You can find the perfect one you like in different categories. Guarantee high quality and fast shipping. Happy shopping!