Bleaching is a common method used by lace wig users to make the hair appear to be growing from their own scalp. Unfortunately, this approach is extremely challenging for the operator. Therefore, if you are a new operator, over bleaching might occurs while operating. And read this article to learn how to fix the over-bleached hair for good appearance.


Before we start the solution, you may want to figure out why you need to bleach knots. This is related to the crafting process of lace frontal/closure. It has a lace that all real human hair strands are attached to the lace. Now in order to make the hair stronger, the current market is mostly using Double knots, which means the knots made with two or more strands of hair. When hair is tied to a lace base, there is a dark knot where each strand is secured. To make your wig look more realistic and natural, you need to bleach the knots.


As we mentioned before, bleaching knots can be challenging. So Over bleaching may also happen easily. We can see from the picture, the bleach got on the hair and turn the roots blonde, which is the distinguishing feature of over-bleaching. But what can we do correct this? I will give you the answer, please follow the steps and witness the miracle.


Step 1: Make your hairstyle

You can make the part you want, and then comb the hair on both sides of the part neatly. This will help you identify areas that need to be blacked out for a more natural look.

Step 2: Choose a root touch-up spray

This hair is natural black, so you need to use the clear raw root touch-up spray in the shade black. Take this and it’s like a paintbrush kinda you don’t want to bear down too hard or get it on your lace and just go and light strokes where the hair starts. And just go back over where ever the bleach got on top of the lace.


Step 3: Blow the painted hair dry

Using the rat tail comb and comb that through the hair and use blow dryer to dry it as well, because this is transfer oil you will get on your hands if you don’t let it dry. Combing the hair painted the black color when blowing it, run your comb through the hair, just try to spread the dye out evenly and make sure everything is all nice.

Step 4: Detangle and define the curl pattern

With nutrients wax stick and lay everything down you all make sure. then use hot combs to defining hair.


Step 5 : Apply the concealer to the part

Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Take a little at a time and apply it lightly to the part, in small portions to ensure naturalness.

Hope these are helpful to you.

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