The annual Black Friday is just around the corner, people usually buy a lot of things they need on Black Friday, because this period of time each merchant discount is very big. Of course Wiggins Hair also have many great discounts, this is definitely the best deal of the year. So girls, If you are looking for buying a wig or a hair bundles, Wiggins Hair official site Black Friday activity you can’t miss. This blog will give you an introduction to Wiggins Hair store Black Friday activities and the wig recommendations you must buy this time.

1.Introduction of Black Friday activities

2.Three wig recommendations you must buy

2.1 Natural Black Loose Deep lace front wig

Loose Deep wave wig is the best sale wig on our store, because the wave is not too loose or too tight, so it is very popular with girls. Natural black is also a great color for daily outfit, especially when you go to work. This Loose deep lace front wig has two kind Lace structures, 13x4 lace front wig and 13X6 lace front wig. If you want a larger lace area, you can choose 13*6 lace front wig, there are many styles you can do, like a middle part, a side part, or a third part. If your budget is not so big, you can choose lace front wig, which can also make many styles, but the price is a little cheaper than 13*6 lace front Wig.

2.2 P4/613 Piano Lace Front Wig

The P4/613 Piano color is very beautiful and fancy, it is made some highlights of 613 colors on the basis of the color 4 as the base color. The 613 color highlights makes the wig more unique and attractive. The P4/613 piano lace front wig is perfect for dating or shopping, and the color of our clothes may not bright enough in winter, but if you install this wig, it will make the whole outfit more brighter. This wig has straight and body wave to choose, these two curves have different styles. I would recommend the straight one, but you can choose whichever one you like..

2.3 Ginger Brown Highlight Lace Front Wigs

The ginger brown highlight lace front wig is our new product that's selling very well recently. A lot of girls are attracted by the unique colors, and Ginger and Brown colors are really beautiful together because they are the similar colors. This wig also have Body wave and straight, the body wave of this wig will look more intellectual and elegant. So this wig also is one of the must-buy wig.

All in all, girls please don't miss out on our Wiggins Hair store annual Black Friday event, and if there are any wig you like, please don’t wait anymore, hurry up and buy it.