A beautiful hair style will let you more charming, so more and more young girls and ladies want to use Brazilian Hair , but as a beginner how to choose a Suitable for their and good quality wig ? so let’s together to learn this hair guide.

What is shape of your face ?
Before buying Human Hair Weave online , there are a few question you need sincerity consider. The wig that you see wear by models maybe look like flawlessly and beautiful, but it is not be suitable yourself.

When we buy wig need according shape of your face to consider it .

Oval-shape face are very flexible in that they can wear any length, color and style of the Human Hair Bundles .you don’t worry it is let you look very strange, so have oval-shape face girls , you are very lucky, you can buy whatever you like wig .

For have square-shape face girls, you need consider buy long length wig , it is can fix your face let you face look smaller. For Example:long length body wave wig , deep wave wig , loose wave wig ,don’t forget also have straight wig .square-shape face ‘s girls wear these hair very wonderful.

Chin-length hair wig or reach shoulder length wig will let heart-shape face that want to look elegant more beautiful and charming .

As the same time, buying wig’s girls need consider when you wear hair what are you stay place and occasion , or who do you plan meet with ? first ,you may need seek a assistant of the hair stylists to get right size of the wig, it is very important , if wig size is not suitable yourself, it is will be let installed wig fail. Second you need measure your hair volume , then you will know what volume hair is you want .third, match your wig with yourself .it is always best to match the color and style of your eye color and skin complexion.