The story of the Bob began in 1909 when Eve Lavalliere was cut by Anthony Cherplikowski, a Parisian barber.She had to play a younger part on stage than she really was.She turned to the Polish barber "Monsieur Antoine" to make her look younger. The barber gave her a look inspired by Joan of Arc,The long, feminine curls have been smoothed away and replaced with a boyish, ear-length Bob .Bob's debut was complete and looked very sexy and eye-catching.

The Bob is never out of sight.Many female stars love to bob and innovation, let bobble head is in fashionable front line from beginning to end. Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for playing the Queen, and Victoria Beckham have all sported bobs in fashion magazines in Europe and the US.As many woman who likes to get her hair done knows, it's expensive to get her hair done these days, Besides being expensive and damaging to your hair.If you'd just kept the money for your hair, you could have bought a fancy wig with full human hair.If you're tempted, welcome to buy wiggins hair bob wig. Our bob wigs come in all kinds of curves and many popular colors. For example,body wave, deep wave, straight and 613 color, 99J color. This is the link for our bob wig: Cute, innocent yet mysterious and dangerous, there's always a Bob for you.


Wigs, just like our own hair, can be made into various shapes according to the shape of our face. Bold bid farewell to the elegance of long hair, choose the clean and neat of short hair, as if to reopen a kind of brand-new life pattern and will also a good try.This is our Bob wigs with bangs:, it is very cute and young. And Bob head is a changeable model, after one hundred years of evolution, from the length of hair, thickness, etc., through a series of changes.Every little change can bring a new feeling.The amazing thing about the Bob is that it fits into every kind of face shape.Whether it's a classic Bob or a modern Bob, both can meet different need. Like this super popular 99J Bob:  It is very popular and hot.

Different age groups are suitable for different hairstyles, not only long hair can choose ,short hair style also a good choice.It make you look stylish and not procrastinating.If you don't want to cut your hair off, you can change it up with a bob human hair wig. It is said that every girl has such a dream: having a clean short hair, wearing a big T shirt, light blue jeans and carrying a big travelling bag to travel around the whole world.Come and make your dreams come true with our stylish Bob.