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13*4 Lace frontal wig VS Lace part wig

We’ve already introduced the difference of the full lace wigs and the lace frontal wigs before, if you still wanna see it, plz click this link

And now cause the C-19, we have been experiencing the shortage of the lace. So lace part wig come ladies!There is not that much difference about these 2 type wigs.

1.Cause both type hair is 13*4, so the versatility Parting is still the same. The point is that the lace part wig can only do the middle part, but which also is the normal one in daily life.

2.The more lace area the more expensive the hair, so a lace part wig is the first choice if you have a money saving plan.

Highlight Wig

We all want to be the special one no matter what aspect of life, even the hair right? Let’s try a highlight wig, put a final touch on after you dressed up!

The #017 color with a special headband!

The first amazing point of a headband wig is we can looked different for each day.

Secondly, Saving a lot time to ware a wig if you do not have that much more time.

Lastly, headband wig is also a money saver, which is more inexpensive than a lace wig.

So ladies just choose this wig!

#017 Lace frontal wigs!

If you are still a loyal lace lover, then a 13*4 lace frontal wig will cause no issue. If you also want show some highlight point, then a #017 color lace frontal wigs is the one! With a 13*4 lace, you can do middle part or left-side part or right-side part, and different ways shows different feel.

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