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Firstly, we recommend 2 types of the flash sale wigs:



The curly headband wig- with 80% off


The reason why we recommend this wig is most of us are students or working-class girls, we are busying with study and work, a wig which could be installed within 1 minute is the best choice!!! It can not only save more time, but also add more beauty.


The curls hair will makes you looks more fashion and energetic.

Except the beautiful curls, the price also very nice!!!

Only $89 you could get a 18inch wig!!! Also with 2 free headbands!!!

Here we attached the link of it:

The Straight Short lace part wig- with 80% off


If you think the hair with curls needs to pay more time to care it, a straight bob wig may better for you!

Except the lowest price, this wig also with lace on the hairline part and the 5inch deep part. It will looks more natural.

Only $65, you could get a 8 inch 13*5 lace part wig!

$75, for a 10 inch 13*5 lace part wig!


Here we attached the link of it: 

Secondly, you must have a try on this new arrival wig - Grey wig- with 18% off


Just like her name, the #Smoky Grey color made up by the natural black for base, and the gray color for highlights. This special color also make you looks more cool!


For this new arrival wigs, we have 2 lace types for you: The 5*5 lace closure wig and the 13*4 lace frontal wig. Excepted this, we have 2 styles for you to choose:


Style 1: Just like the pic shows, #Smoky Grey style 1 wig, the gray highlights are added to both the frontal part and the bundles part, the whole wig has more highlights, the black and the gray color evenly matched.


Fashion girls could have a try!

Style 2: as the following pic shows, #Smoky Grey style 2 wig, only the frontal part added with gray highlights, and the bundles part is natural black.

Compare with style 1, the style 2 price is cheaper.

But style 2 looks very cool, most of young girls could rest assured to try it!


Here we attached the link of it:


Lastly, we highly recommend our hot sale-the most popular wigs: Loose deep wave wig 


As all regular customer knew, the loose deep wave is the most popular hair styles, no matter the hair itself, or the price; no matter the season, or the occasion, try it, it is a must buy item, it is a item could bought close your eyes.


We provided 3 lace types for you: The 5*5 lace closure wig, the 13*4 lace frontal wig, the 13*6 lace frontal wig. And also we have regular Swiss lace and HD lace for you to choose.


Here is the link of it:

In a word, just to buy it!!! Don’t miss this opportunity!!!