Hi girls,look here, our best selling 13*6 lace frontal wig is back in stock. After a period of time finally back, the 13*6 full lace frontal wig is one of the best selling wig in our store. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the kind lace of this wig on the market was out of stock for a while. Now it's back in stock, let me introduce this 13*6 full lace frontal wig to you.

1. The larger lace area

As you can see in the picture, the lace area is lager than 13*4 lace front wig. The lace area is almost two-thirds of the entire wig cap, the lace area of the wig is really large. The larger lace area makes it possible to do a wide variety of hair styles throughout the wig. For example, the most common style are the middle part, the side part, and even braid the hair above the frontal, there are so many different hair styles you can try.

2. Two types of the lace

Our 13*6 full lace frontal wig has two types lace, one is the Swiss lace and another one is HD lace. HD lace is really high definition lace, the most important merit of HD lace is looks more transparent and natural, the lace is soft, thin and it can match all skins.

Girls, If your budget is relatively low, you can buy the 13*6 full lace front wig with Swiss brown lace, it has a lower price than HD 13*6 full lace front wig, but the lace is also soft and nice. The Swiss brown lace is closer to the most skin color so it can suit most skin tones. And you also can make many hair styles.

In these two kinds of lace, the one I recommend most is HD lace. Because it really looks so natural when you're wearing the wig, it fits your skin tone perfectly, and it's impossible to tell if you're wearing a wig or not. Except that the price is slightly higher than that of ordinary lace, everything else of HD lace is perfect.Of course, girls, you can pick and choose the lace according to your actual needs.

3. A variety of waves

Our 13*6 full lace frontal wig not only has straight but also has some different waves, like the Loose Deep wave, Body wave, Deep wave, Curly wave and so on. Of all the waves I recommend the most are Loose Deep wave and Body wave.

One of the hottest selling wigs is Loose Deep 13*6 full lace frontal wig on our store, a lot of our customers told us how nice the Loose Deep were when they received the wig.

The Body wave of the wig is also very beautiful, the Body wave give us a kind of intellectual gentle and graceful beauty. And if you want to change the wig style, you can easily straighten the hair and switch to a straight hair style.

The above content is what I introduced of the 13*6 full lace frontal wig. If you want to get the 13*6 full lace frontal wig, you can leave a message or send us an email when you place the order.   

Girls, please don't wait any longer, just go ahead and order first and you can get thewig first, I'm sure you'll never regret it, because it's really excellent quality and reasonable price. Let’s get it!