The much-anticipated annual tax refund season is coming, did you checked your account? And what are you going to do with the extra bonus? Considering to get something new for yourself? If yes, we highly recommend that you follow us and choose the best gift for yourself!


Wiggins Hair prepared so many good products and big discount for you to choose:

1. HD lace wigs TOP 3 recommendation:

The reason why HD lace wigs so popular is because HD lace is the top quality Swiss Lace, lace is lighter and thinner, with invisible knots, match all skin type, looks natural as real skin.

For HD lace wigs, there are also so many kinds of lace size and hair texture for you to choose. Lace size include the 13x4 and 13x6 lace frontal, 4x4 5x5 6x6 Lace Closure; Hair texture include Loose deep wave, Body wave, straight, Deep wave, Natural wave... Besides, we provide 180% , 200% and 250% density.

The hot sales HD wigs we recommend are: Loose deep wave, Body wave and straight. These 3 kinds of texture are never go out of style, and they are the must have items.

While choosing the lace size, the rules are more lace spaces, more parting and styles you could do. Of course more lace spaces, more expensive. You could choose the lace space according to your financial.

Following is the link of Wiggins Hair HD lace wigs, click and add to cart now: 

2. Colored wigs hot sale recommendation:

With the weather going better and better now, have a spring picnic with family or friends is indispensable. Want to take more pics to record the colorful life, a colored wigs will helps a lot.

The colored wigs we recommend are P4/613 Wig and #017 Wig:

First one is about the P4/613 Wig: It is one of the most popular colored wigs, which is made up by base color #4, and highlight color with #613. We provide the most basic hair texture: Straight and Body wave to choose, lace size include 5x5 and 13x4, length from 16-30inches.

This color is presentable and fashionable. Most of our customers reviewed us their true feelings and real pics. If you are also falling in love with this color, click the link now: 


Second one is the #017 Wig: it’s not the new arrivals, but it is a color wig that has been popular since it hit the shelves. The basic color is color #4 and highlight with color #27, hair root part with color #1. Hair texture include Body wave, straight and loose deep wave, lace size include 5x5 and 13x4, lengths start 16-26inches.

I'm sure every one of our regular customers who like highlight wigs has bought this color before. You can't miss it either!

Links attached here: 

3. New arrival Bob wigs recommendation:

Most of wig users may busy with their work or school work, and do not have too much times to do hair care, a bob wig is suit you! The short length wigs needs less care than long wigs.

If you are prefer the short bob wigs, we also have recommendations: Body Wave Brown Bob Lace Front Wig and High density Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wig.

First recommendation is Body Wave Brown Bob Lace Front Wig.

It is an colored(Dark Brown) bob wig, length provide 12 and 14 inches.

This wig just as website pics, if you like it, just take it: 

Second recommendation is High density Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wig.

The characteristic and selling point of this bob wig is that its density is 250%. Normally, the bob wigs density are default 180%, but this bob wig’s density is 250, which means fuller and thicker looking you will get! Also, lengths provide from 14-20 inches.

If you are interest in the thicker bob wig, pls order it asap: 

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