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I think you all know that the headband wigs is really popular these days, so why is that?

Firstly, Time-saving. No need of a series of fussy preparing work or installation process; Secondly, another ornament for us to show your beauty!Thirdly, Cost-effective, which is less cost than equivalent lace frontal wig.Finally, the most realistic hairline, cause it shows your hairline lol which can be worn hided by your hairline or put backward a little bit to expose your own natural hairline. Point is Buy 1 wig get 2 free headbands!

HD lace back ladies!

We all want the most natural hairline right,so the first one surly will be HD lace, if you are fond of the lace wigs. The most soft lace ever compare to other type lace; the most natural lace to show your own skin color; the most light knots on the lace, so no need to bleach again dear.Please just get them!

5*5 6*6 wigs come in the HD lace now, which also approved by a lot of people, if you never tried closure wig before, then try once dear and with the HD lace, you won’t regret! 

All in all, if you are confused which hair to choose, then what about the 2 type above~