Black Friday, the once-a-year shopping season across America, will hit on November 25, 2023! The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday in the United States, also known as Black Friday, one day of the year when the discounts are heavier! Don't miss a good discount for a gift wig for yourself!!

As all people knew, the discount for Black Friday Sale are bigger, but beside the lowest price and biggest discount, wiggins hair also with so many ways which you could get extra gift card/wig or higher exclusive coupon.

Just follow us and know more details:

Firstly, just log in your wiggins hair account, then you will see your account details and your own reward points.

To get more points, you can click “Earn Points”, then you will see so many ways to get the points, such as log in our website, browse different pages or product, follow our IG account, youtube channel or facebook account, answer questions.

You can log in the account and browse the pages everyday, it also helps a lot to get more points(Different reward points means different VIP levels, the VIP level higher, the higher discount or better gift card/wig you will get).

Secondly, you could check your own privileges(here we exampled the level V3 privileges, high level VIP will get better privileges).

There are mainly 3 privileges for you:


The first privilege of our VIP is to redeem gift card/wig. From the following pic, you can also see details, 2500 points can even redeem a $30 gift card... 4400 Points can redeem a 12 Inch Wig, 8000 Points can Redeem a 18 Inch Wig!!!


The second privilege of our VIP is the exclusive coupon(high level VIP with higher coupon for same prices). Just according to the price of your order, and get different coupon, click “get”, it will show you the coupon code. Then you could use it to place an order.


The third privilege of our VIP is the birthday benefits. You could leave your birthday infos here, and during the birthday month you will receive exclusive coupons and gift packs. Just click “DO IT NOW”, leave us your infos. Then you will receive the exclusive discount code for your birthday month order, also pls do not forget to leave us a note according to the guidance.

Lastly, go to place an order!

You could use your exclusive coupon code to place order. Also, you can leave a note tell us your special needs for your order. (As well, for your birthday gift packs).

Are you all clear about how to get extra gift card/wig or higher discount? Start to now, log in your account, earn more points, get more gifts/coupon, save more money!

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