We have introduced clip in hair extensions before, now you should be a little familiar with this type of extension, our site offers natural black and #613 clip in hair extensions. They are amazing tool to add length, volume and subtle highlights throughout your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions are usually popular among European women. If you are a fan, here I share some tricks on how to hide your clip in hair extensions to create a flawless finish.

When applying clip in hair extensions, it only needs a little extra work for an undetectable look. One top tip to hide clip in hair extensions is to find the correct match. Every woman has an unique hair and there are a lot of different shades, so it is a hard task to find one to match your own hair.

The second tip is to trim your clip in hair extensions to blend. If you have layered tones or razored hair ends, this is very important for a natural finish.

If your hair is super soft, then those clips maybe slip and not stay secure on your head. You need to spritz your hair with some dry shampoo to add grip, so these clips can stay on. If the hair that is covering the clip in extensions is too thin, just tease the section of hair so the extensions will not peek through.