Whether you buy lace frontal closure or blonde lace frontal closure, lace cutting is a delicate process. If you have, please stop and read this article, it will help you very much.

How to apply hair closure?

Whether you buy bundles with lace frontal closure or blonde bundles with lace frontal closure, lace cutting is a delicate process. Before you begin, place a wig cap (meat) a realistic skin tones your hair and the wig. Next, marking your wig to sit things on your forehead and erasable, like a liquid liner. Carefully collect, so a bunch of hair, no stray hairs with a clip or scrunchy was accidentally cut off in the process. Once you get all the stray hair cut too much lace around the wig according to their preferences. Beginners should stay at least a half an inch of lace all around, until they are accustomed to the way of shaping their lace. The advantages generally cut very close to the wig hairline more natural look.If you choose the right lace color for your skin shade,lace will disappear upon the joint of your skin.

Adhesives won't work if your skin is too oily, so the correct application of the wig, you must first prepare your hairline surrounding area. Any alcohol will do, but the best one is medical grade (99% isopropyl). This will remove dirt and grease, glue or tape bonds better. You may find that the application of alcohol the sliver or cotton ball to help you control the usage, which will protect your head around the lace will be applied in your eyes.Next run to the store to buy a scalp. Protector should buy, purchase, together with an adhesive, wig lace wig website in the Annex part.

The application of the adhesive is the most difficult part, and a lot of messy trying to get it right, it can take a novice. Try not to get frustrated and you will be rewarded with a fierce new hairstyle.The trick is to use an applicator that suits you, like a disposable glue brush or simple Q-tips or makeup applicators.There are two types of adhesive you can use. A. GUM - This depends largely on what you need. For example, the white perspiration glue, may be suitable for women who exercise a lot, and other adhesives for people like to swim. Want to make sure that you buy the glue lace system too, some of the more durable glue may to damage them.Once glue the desired area, dry it, and then your head unit. If you do not, and will not be able to guarantee the the wig and sliding distance your forehead.B. Tape adhesive,Tape can be convenient and easier to use, can be placed directly on the device itself more convenient application in a few cases. Some rolls, but you might want to buy the kit, with tape convenient sake.Most women to strap in the front, so the application the simpler back and glue. The best method is to use glue and tape in the back, but, because it will make the bonds - especially important if you want to wear your hair like a ponytail or a high style bun.Also, said that although some glue claimed to work for a few weeks, and will only last a few days. You may want to keep the test adhesives, until you find the most suitable for your work.

I recommended ombre hair with lace closure in our store. Apply the lace frontal wig carefully on your head,be sure to keep out of glue (stray hair pulled back hair along the hairline small fragment may be helpful), and then press the Applicant to glue. Do not use your fingers to make sure the lace. Finger oil, whitening adhesive, once it dries out, around the hairline of a clear dividing line. The best thing to do is gently tap human hair wigs, then grab the tail or other small comb firmly press the wig, all the way around until you are satisfied that you have to get every area.Also ensure no lace enhance when you're done. If the upgrading of an area, the use of tampons to add an additional dispensing, and then try again.

Once you have worn the lace front wig on your head,it may be tempting to style and comb. Do not. Unless otherwise noted, tape and glue adhesives have to cure for about 24-48 hours before any excessive hair pulling occur.If you follow the rules, the bonds will stay strong for quite a long time.enjoy the wig.

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