Wigs are now an indispensable pursuit of beauty for many women in Europe and the United States. Wearing the suitable wig can an help girls better show their beauty. Wearing the wig naturally can give a comfortable visual aesthetic feeling for others. Do you know how to create a natural hairline effectively?

In order to give our customers and a better purchase experience, here are four tips for you for creating a natural hairline:

Tip 1 Choose HD lace wig or the lace color that matches your skin tone:

To create a natural hairline, you must first choose a lace wig that suits you. We have HD lace, regular Swiss lace: transparent lace, light brown lace and medium brown lace for different wigs.

HD lace is the best Swiss lace and is the most popular lace now. It is very thin, light, and transparent, it matches all skin tones. So if you wear the HD lace wig, your hairline will look very natural. You can find the HD lace wig you love from the link: https://www.wigginshair.com/hd-lace-wigs.html .

Light brown lace is suitable for people with lighter black skin tones. Medium brown lace is suitable for people with darker skin tones. Transparent lace is suitable for people with lighter skin tones and it is suitable for all skin tones.

Whether you are a beginner or a person who wears a wig all year round, you can choose lace color close to your skin tone to create a natural hairline. WIGGINS HAIR offers all the lace wig you want : https://www.wigginshair.com/wigs.html .

Tip 2 Pre-pluck the hairline for baby hair:

It is also important to pre-pluck the hairline in advance to create a natural hairline and make you wig look real in front.

Please make sure that your wig has been pre-plucked before you install it. Our wigs are all slightly pre-plucked, so that customers who don’t know how to pre-pluck the hairline don’t have to worry about unnatural hairline. If you are good at plucking hairline, you can also trim it according to your preference. Also don't forget to trim the lace according to the shape of your hairline.



Tip 3 Apply lace naturally with concealer that matches your skin tone:

Another practical way, applying concealer to the edges of lace can effectively solve the problem of unnatural hairline.

Before installing the wig, apply concealer under the lace and hairline with a soaked brush evenly. Then use a holding spray to seal the concealer so that even if your hair gets wet, the concealer will not ooze out! Just make sure you use the concealer to match the color of your skin tones!

Tip 4 Choose U-part wigs or V-part wigs:

If your budget is limited and you are not good at installing lace wig, ordering U part wigs or V part wigs is a great choice. The two wigs are different from lace wigs. Everyone has a different face shape and skin tone. You must choose the wig that suits you to get a wonderful hairline.

For a the U-part (V-part) wig, you just need to leave out some natural hair, then clip in the U-part (V-part), finally lay down your natural hair and blend with the wig. It can help you protect your hair well with a natural looking. Here is the link for you: https://www.wigginshair.com/u-part-wigs.html .


Tip 5 Choose 100% human virgin hair

The above tips are all very practical to create a natural hairline. But the best tip is to have a 100% human virgin hair wig.

WIGGINS HAIR offers you the human hair wigs which look really natural. Here you can find the color, texture, density and length of the hair you want. Then you can get the amazing hairstyle that suits you.

Hope the above tips are helpful to you. We will also strive to provide higher quality hair to bring you a satisfying shopping experience.

Please order your own wig according to the tips now! WIGGINS HAIR is always with you.