It is very important to choose a lovely wig that fits your size. As we mentioned last time, we provided ways to fix the big size. But what can we do if the wig cap is small for the head?
Here are the solutions used commonly for lace wigs.

Method 1:

Take the lace front wigs as an example, put the wig on the wig stand, and put the inside out. You will find two areas located to the right and the left of your nape area where you will have a lot of stretch.

Sometimes stretch though is not enough, so you can go inside and extend that stretch, there is a little band and a little hole.

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Pull out that band and make it a bit longer, then cut that little piece in half just make sure you hold onto both pieces, so you don’t lose it inside.

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Then take some good old bands, these bands are used for a multitude of things, to help make your wig fit tighter as well as you can use it to extend and make your wig a bit bigger. Then attach each side of that band and that’s going to help extend it and give a lot more space to work with.

The band length will depend on how much extra space you need. Then make it flat.
You can measure and check the data.

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Method 2:

You need a dome wig cap or just use spandex shorts to work it perfectly.
You also need to prepare a thread and weave the needle. Because they are the thickest and the strongest so it works the best and it will hold up better.
What you need to do is cut along where your lace meets the caps that have a track and cut along there to where you want to extend your wig.

To be on the safe side, you can measure how much of the wig needed to be widened, cut the corresponding amount of spandex cap and shape, then take the spandex cap and sew it into that area, that’s what’s gonna extend it.

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After both sides are finished, the next step is to sew the bundle onto the other side of that spandex part, this is to make sure the part doesn’t like a random extended bald spot, just sew it as if making a wig, after filling it in with the bundle's hair, put the others part hair down, it will be perfect looking.

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If are a wig beginner or not familiar with the wig’s structure, while you receiving your wig, we do recommend that you try it first, pls do not use or do anything to the wig before you make sure everything fits you well because the better solution is contact the seller to exchange fit size.

If you have size problems and you used them already, try these methods!

WIGGINS HAIR provides high-quality hair, we also have a return and exchange policy to protect our customer’s rights, so rest assured to order now!