We buy many kinds of wigs for all kinds of looks. We usually care about how to take care of our wigs, but we may not always care about how to brush the wig. The purpose of brush our wig is to make the hair smoother and less messy. If you brush our hair the wrong way, it can become tangled and fall off, which can seriously damage the wig,so you know how to brush your wig properly? This blog is about how to brush your hair properly,lets read on!


1.About how often to brush a wig

We brush our hair almost every day, but do you know how often we should brush a wig? Some people leave their wigs uncombed and put them on the next time, which can lead to the wig tangles and even broken hair. If you're only going to wear a wig for a short time, make sure that after you remove the wig, you brush it well and then put it back in place. If you wear the wig for a long time, make sure to brush it once a day to avoid tangles.


2. About how to brush a wig.

First, we can take the wig to the wig rack, fix the wig on the wig rack so it doesn't move when you brush the hair. Then you can spray some human hair conditioner on top of your wig, be careful not to spray too much and completely wet your hair. The purpose of this is to make it easier to brush your hair later.

Second, It is very necessary to choose the right comb. If the comb is not selected correctly, it may cause hair to fall out when combing the hair. Here we recommend a wide tooth comb because they are very gentle on wigs and are also very affordable. Regular hairbrushes will ruin your wig so fast, so we recommend that you try not to brush the wig with this kind of brushes. Then we can prepare one bigger hair clip, it’s optional but helpful to hold the hair out of the way.

Third, we can divide the wig into several sections and brush one area at a time, then we can start to brush the wig. The most important thing to do is to start at the end of the hair and work your way up to the roots. We can brush out the ends of the section first,once that brushes through smoothly,move up a few inches, repeat this until you reach the root of the wig. Then we can clip the combed part of the hair to the opposite side of the head, this will prevent it from mixing with the uncombed hair. This process can be time consuming, but be patient and protect your wig properly. In the process of brushing hair, if you encounter a knot that is difficult to pull apart, you can use scissors to cut off a few strands of hair, and then you can comb the knot away.

3. About brush the curve wig

As a general rule, it's best not to brush a curvy wig if you can avoid it. If you need a simple brus of your wig, you can run your hand through your hair to brush the wig. But sometimes we just have to brush the curvy wigs. You can also use the above procedure to brush a curved wig. One thing to note is that after you brush one section of the wig, you can wrap it around your finger to help it get back into a ringlet shape.

The above is relevant steps about how to brush a wig, please develop the habit of correct brush wigs, better care for your wigs!

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