Have you guys ever try silk base lace wigs before?How much do you know about it?let us do a compare today for you guys so that you may get what you need!!

What is silk base lace?

As the name shows,silk base lace is the lace with silk base,similar color to scalp,double silk net.With the increase of demands of wigs,more girls want to save their time and money as well want more natural and comfortable wigs.Silk base lace products come out with the wishes of wigs users!

silk base lace and common lace

What is the exact difference between silk base lace and common lace?

1.Material and tactile impression

Silk base lace products are made of silk base lace,which are much more soft and comfortable when u touch compared with common laces.

2.Hair line and pre-plucked part

Normally the lace front wigs we have are all pre-plucked,but for silk base wigs,much natural hair line which you do not need to pre-pluck it cause totally make by hand!Not over or less,just for fine,you guys’ type!

3.Color option

For common lace we have,transparent color,light brown,medium brown and so on,which are made according to the color of skin of users but not suit perfectly and need to be bleached in most cases,but silk base lace products are very close to the color of the scalp,through which you can see the skin directly as a shadow.It quite natural than normal lace!That is also why we do not need to bleach the silk base lace,we just do not need to!

4.Black Knots

As the blew picture shows,you guys can see,we can not see any knots from the silk base lace part.Totally hand tied and one piece one hole!As the common lace,machine made,pieces for one hole,that is also why black knots can be showed.

5.Life and price

Normally the price of silk base lace is more expensive than the common lace.but actually it is much affordable than the common lace,cause it is has longer life in these ways:(durable)

double-deck or more

Hand tied totally

Hair piece holes are as small as possible

difference between silk base lace and normal lace

Options about silk base lace products we have

New arrival so far,but we also have much options for you,different size of closures like 6x6 closure,13x4 lace frontal,full lace wigs and so on,for textures,loose deep wave hair,natural wave hair and so on!Any question or help about wiggins hair,kindly check wiggins website or send DM o INS for what you want!


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