As our previous article introduced the V part wig already, the installation method was suggested wig users leave out some natural hair. But recently, some of our customers contacted and consulted us about if we could provide no leave out wig? Good news coming! We did developed a new V part wig, which could installed without leave out, also it is more convenience to wear and take off.


Come on and follow me to learn more about it:

Let’s see the contrast pics between the original V part and the new V part wig:

The left one is the original V part wig, and right one is the new V part wig, which also called thin part wig.


As you can see, the shape “ V ” on the original V part wig is with more space, which needs we pay more attention to deal with the shape by natural hair; while the new V part (thin part) wig do not need to leave out natural hair, it has a small bit if the lace along, but not like the regular lace or HD lace, it is black and will give that like not showing the actual track part, it’s looks like hair coming out the scalp, which is more convenience and natural looking, just put it on, with simple combing or neaten is OK.


The way to install a new V part (Thin part) wig is very easy, just as the following steps:


Step 1: Braid your own hair firstly

It is suggest that braid the top of your own hair first, make sure there is one part in the middle, just like the following pic, this is to hook the 4 clips on the braids.

Step 2: Take the clips and bring them under

There are 5 clips totally, while fix the clips, make sure from back to front.

Open all the clips up first, take the back (or headspin part) clip and bring it under, then move on the middle 2 clips, lastly fix the front 2 clips.

After fixed all clips, the effect is shown below:

Step 3: Neaten the root of the hair

The last step is make the root of the hair looser.

Because after the the clips under, the hair may elevated a bit(normally the straight hair), just use the combs like the pics loose the root hair and let it lay flatter.

Then the hair style finished, just like your own hair, its so natural looking!

Three reasons to choose Wiggins Hair New V part (Thin part)wig:

If you are a beginner or busy with work or study, we highly recommend you try this! No lace, No glue, installment without time and expertise.

If you don’t want to sleep with hair, would like to give you own scalp breath at night, just try it! Because it is convenience to deal with, you can put on and take off everyday!

If the budget limited, you must have it! Because the price is really affordable!!!

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