If you wear a wig, but dont have more skills on doing baby hair, or you have to spend some money to get a hairstylist to do that. However, you want to make your wig appearance more natural. We suggest that you should try 4C edge hairline wig. At present, it is one of the new wigs on the market that has realistic baby hair to help create the most natural look. It is very friendly for beginners. To learn more about this product, keep on reading! We will give you a detailed introduction for it. Lets get started!

Whats 4C Edge Hairline Wig?

As the name suggests, the hairline part of the wig has baby hair with 4C hair texture. It also can be called curly edge wigs. Curly baby hair attached to lace for the most natural hairline and look. The baby hair is designed to hide the lace on the frontal of the wig. There’s no risk of exposure at all, and the hair looks like it’s growing out of its own scalp. A great choice for women looking for the most natural look, 4C hairline wig is the most realistic wig.

There are some special features for 4C hairline Wig:

1. 100% unprocessed human virgin hair, soft and durable, can be re-styled, dyed and free parted.

2. 4C Edge Hairline

3. Flawless Melt Ultra Natural

4. The Most Realistic Looking

5. Bleached Knots And Transparent Lace

6. Extra $50 off, Code: 4C


Wiggins Hair brand-new 4C edge hairline wig is one of the very best wigs for customers who require more natural baby hair. It is 100% glueless hair and comfortable to wear. What’s more, you won’t have to spend much time to deal with doing hairline. It’s also secure and convenient.


Wiggins Hair 4C Hairline Wig.

Firstly, It can come in different textures: straight, body wave, loose deep and curly etc. Different textures have numerous different advantages, you can wear it for your pleasure or your needs.

Secondly, you can choose different lace to make more styles, such as 13x4 lace frontal wig, or 5x5 closure wig. Both of them can be made in the type of 4C hairline.

Thirdly, if you want the colored hair wigs, it can also be customized by Wiggins Hair to meet your special requirements.

The last important, it is medium cap size on Wiggins Hair. If you can do the small or large size. Yes, of course, they can do that. You can leave a note when place the order.

Do you want to try 4C edge wigs? Wiggins Hair is the best place for you to buy. It is made from 100% real human hair. It’s very soft, comfortable and looks more natural just as you can treat it like your own hair. Now it is on sale at best price with high quality, extra $50 off using code “4C”. Don’t miss it, take your time to choose the right size and length. Come here and buy: https://www.wigginshair.com/!