Brazilian human hair popularity is not a matter of a day or two. After wearing it, how to clean it has becomes a difficult problem. How can we clean cleanly without harming the hair? People retain diverse attitudes towards this problem,some people say it should be wash everyday,and some other people are not agree with this view. Today i will tell you the right way to clean the Brazilian hair in the next.


What to wash brazilian hair extensions? How often should brazilian hair be washed?


The Brazilian hair extensions is usually cleaned every three to seven days,do not wash every day because it will harm for the hair. Before you wash, Comb the Brazilian human hair with a special comb,make sure there are no other dirty thing on the hair . Then put the hair in the warm water with detergent (water temperature of 25 ~ 30 ℃), soak for 10 minutes after the hair gently rinse. And after that,rinse the wig thoroughly with clean water and gently wipe the moisture from the wig with a dry towel. Take a little hair cream to the wig, hang it in the air and air dry, then use the curling iron to fix it or blow it up. If you don’t used it very often, please use plastic bag to pack good seal collection.


In addition,Brazilian human hair can be tailored to the user's request, just like the hair is trimmed and ironed, to sort out a satisfying hairstyle. Before wear the Brazilian human hair,you can use a soft comb to comb the hair according to your hairstyle requirement. When going to bed, you should take out your Brazilian human hair and put it in a good ventilation place.


Brazilian human hair need to be properly maintained to be used for a long time, so if you like virgin Brazilian hair and often wear virgin Brazilian hair, use the right way to take care of them.