When you buy a wig, either lace front wig or full lace wig, you are most likely have to deal with the lace. For instance, you have to cut the lace at least. But some of you may have to do more things with the lace. Why? The color of the lace we sell at WIGGINS HAIR is mostly medium brown. However, for some people, medium brown does not match their skin tone, they need a darker color. What would you do when you face this situation? Let me teach you a easy method to adjust your lace color using tea bags!

What do you need to prepare?

Ten tea bags, a pot of hot water, hair band, and your lace wig obviously.

Note: When you choose your tea, make sure it's 100% black tea with no blended ingredients. 

tea bags

The step by step procedure

1. Prepare the wig, turn inside out and tie hair using hair band.

wig cap inside out

2. Once the water in the pot is boiled, add your ten tea bags. (note: holding on to the ends of the bags so you don't burn your fingers.)

3. While the water is boiling, use a wooden spoon or any utensils you have, to gently press the tea bag to get all the tea out.  (note: be careful not press too hard because your tea bag will bust).

4. Keep dipping the tea bags in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. After this time, remove the tea bags from the pot, and allow the tea to cook for another 3 minutes.

5.Turn off the heat and let the tea sit for 2 minutes to get the right temperature for your Lace Wig.

6. Dip the lace of your wig into the tea, holding the ends of the hair. Use your spoon or utensils to push the lace down. (note: do not put the whole wig into the tea)

7. Set a timer. The longer your wig sits in the tea, the darker your lace becomes. Because everyone's complexion is different. Check the lace against your skin to get the right color. (note: you can check the lace color once a minute). 

8.Wash your Lace Wig with shampoo and conditioner.

lace color


If you have a skin tone darker than medium brown, and you want to adjust the lace to match your skin, you can do that using tea bags. Just prepare 10 tea bags and a pot of hot water, and you can tint your lace easily! You can also use this method with ombre wigs. Never need to worry about the lace color again!


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