Does your hair often get tangled easily, especially during the autumn and winter seasons? For people wearing human hair wigs, sometimes tangled hair can be frustrating. Incorrect detangling methods may also cause hair to shed and cause irreversible damage. So how to keep hair smooth and avoid tangles? Below, we will divide into three sections to talk about the knowledge of hair tangling.


Prevent Hair Tangles

1. Why does hair get tangled?
There could be a few reasons. The first is your wig type, if you have thick and curly hair wigs, your hair is more prone to tangling. Similarly, long and thin hair is also prone to knots. Another reason may be because it’s dry or lacking moisture and as a result, there is more friction between the hair strands and it tangles. Besides, if you sleep with your hair wig down, the friction between the pillow and turning over will cause the hair to become more tangled. In addition, if you take a shower wearing a wig and dry your hair with a thick towel, this friction may also cause tangles in your wig. Of course, not combing your hair all day can also lead to tangled hair.


wash and condition wig promptly

2. How to prevent hair tangles?
The first and most important thing is to wash and condition your wig promptly. As we know, the hair easily gets dry after it’s cut from a donor, this is because the hair is not attached to your scalp directly, and it is not getting the oils it should be, which will increase nutrient loss. Using good quality shampoo and conditioning products to condition the hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. We recommend you wash and condition it twice a week, and use a treatment hair mask once a week. This can timely supplement nutrients for hair to prevent hair tangling.

Secondly, reduce the frequency of using heating tools. Because heating can damage hair and make it drier which leads to tangling. So, if you tend to blow try your hair a lot or curl it or strain it all the time, just please do with that a little bit less. If you still need to continue to do that, make sure that you always use heat protectants before you do so.

Thirdly, please protect your wig while sleeping. It’s not recommended to sleep with your hair down because it might cause tangling if not taken care of properly. If your hair is sewn in, wear a satin bonnet. This will help prevent the tangling.


detangle the hair without damage

3. How to detangle the hair without damage?
We suggest that you first split your wig into manageable sections. It is suggested to divide it into four parts, two top parts, and two bottom parts, and you can work with one section at a time.
Then use your fingers first to gently detangle from bottom to top. This is the gentlest method and greatly reduces the size of the knot.
After that, you can use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair, preferably a wooden comb. This can effectively prevent tangling caused by static electricity. When combing hair, please use with wide-tooth comb and start with the ends, 2 inches at a time, and slowly work your way up.
Please also do not comb or detangle it too hard, when there is a knot, try to use your fingers to loose the knots first, then continue to detangle or comb it. In addition, please do not comb your hair when it is wet, as this may cause hair loss and damage.


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