People can purchase many types of wigs on the market, like lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, full lace wigs, V-part wigs, headband wigs and so on. The most popular wigs are the lace closure and lace front wigs, which have a nice lace area to make different hairstyles.
However, the lace is also fragile and may be torn due to our careless behavior. If the lace of the wig is ripped, please do not worry! Usually, lets fix it. This blog is written about how to fix the ripped lace front wig.


Lets take a lace front wig which was ripped as an example. As the lace front wig in the picture below, the lace has been badly ripped. Here are the steps to fix it:

ripped lace wig example


1. Prepare the tools needed for fixing
We should prepare nylon sewing thread fishing lines and half-round needles, like the one in the picture will do. Thread a long enough nylon thread over the semicircle needle and knot the nylon thread to begin the fix process. The double-strand line is better because it will be stronger.

nylon sewing thread fishing lines

2. Specific steps to fix the ripped lace
Like the wig in the picture below, the lace started to rip where the wig cap and lace were stitched together. Firstly, we need to cross the lace and the netting part of the cap to secure the beginning of the lines and make sure that the beginning of the line is firmly fixed so that the next steps can be carried out. Secondly, be sure to line up the two sides of the ripped lace and start sewing with a needle through both sides of the lace. Keep repeating the steps in the picture below, taking care to avoid hair during the sewing process, so that no hair is sewn into the lace. This process may be tedious, so please be patient. Finally, make sure the thread at the end is fixed, and then the ripped lace of the wig is successfully fixed.

Steps 1 to fix the ripped lace

step 2 to fix the ripped lace

The fixed ripped lace


This method can be used in other cases of lace being ripped, so mastering the skill of fixing ripped lace is essential for wig lovers. Because the current lace is transparent lace or HD lace, this kind of lace is very soft. It is relatively fragile. Please be careful when you put on and take off the wigs. When combing your hair while wearing a wig, make sure you press the lace and don't comb your hair too hard. Timely cleaning of glue or liquid foundation on the lace will help protect the lace and prolong its use time.
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