With the rapid development of socioeconomic and civilization, women's social status has been confirmed.Then, the rise of the cosmetic industry is a higher demand for beauty in the age of face score seeing.So a beautiful fashion Brazilian Hair is more necessary with your pretty face and makes you perfect.

So here comes the question: how to choose the right wigs?

In the past, wigs were mostly worn by noble women as ornaments.But now, the Human Hair Weave is no longer a symbol of status, it's just a kind of modern pop culture.People adorn their appearance by wearing wigs.They can change simple hairstyles and match different fashions, or adorn different featured face, stature and temperament.Therefore, Human Hair Bundles are more and more popular with modern people and won their favor.

And now,How To Choose The Right Wigs According To Your Face:

1.Round face: Should choose straight hair with higher top and smoothly on both sides. Because the vertical lines of straight hair can visually weaken the width of round face.

2.Square face: Should choose the short straight hair that ponytail to the cheek, with asymmetric oblique bangs, but not straight bangs.

3.Long face: Should choose wavy or curly hair to enhance elegance.Loose, flowing and a little disorderly hair is better.

4.Triangle face: Should choose the hair by the ratio of face and hairstyle, and loose the hair which above the ears when you combing it.

I ‘m sure that you've got some ideas about how to choose a woman's wig.Have a nice day and hope you more and more beautiful!