Installing the same black wig every day, are you bored? WIGGINS HAIR has invited the chief hairstylist to design some very beautiful and popular wigs recently. Here are five New Arrival Wigs you must know, including 613 Deep Wave wigs, Pink Lace Frontal Wigs, Small Wand Curl Bob Wigs, Green Highlights Loose Body Wave Wigs, and Skunk Stripe Bob Wigs. Which is your favorite? Let’s take a look together!

1.613 Deep Wave Wigs

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Good news! WIGGINS HAIR can customize 613 Deep Wave Wigs now! If you are a hairstylist or know much knowledge about hair, you will know that high temperature is required for texturing. For the light color hair like 613 blonde, temperature control is particularly important, otherwise, it will easily damage the hair quality. After research, our hairstylist has overcome this problem, which can not only achieve the purpose of styling texture but also better ensure the quality of the hair.

The lace size is 13x4 transparent lace shown in the link and the default density is 180%. If you want other textures, lace sizes, or density, you can also contact WIGGINS HAIR customer service if they can customize it for you. 613 deep wave lace frontal wigs look so cool and gorgeous. Don’t hesitate, just have a try!

2.Pink Lace Frontal Wigs

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Wow, this pink is so cute! The color looks very bright and pretty, like a Barbie! If you are preparing to attend a party or go out to travel, then this wig is very suitable! Just install it, and you will be the shining star on the dancing floor and get a lot of compliments. Although this pink color looks like synthetic hair, please don't worry, it is 100% human virgin hair. If you are worried that this color is not suitable for you, you can also buy to try it. WIGGINS HAIR supports a 30-day return and exchange policy, as long as the hair has not been used.

3.Small Wand Curl Bob Wigs

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Straight, Body wave, Loose deep wave... You may be familiar with these common textures. Do you want to try a new texture? Take a look at this Small Wand Curl, please! This is a spiral small curl that looks very full. The texture is also very easy to take care of. Black hair is suitable for wearing on multiple occasions every day. It is your best choice. 50% OFF & Extra $10 Off With Code: N10. You shouldn’t miss it!

4.Green Highlights Loose Body Wave Wigs

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Black hair is naturally beautiful. Adding a variety of colors to black hair can highlight your distinctiveness. The green highlights have created a sense of mystery for this wig. The collision between black and green makes this wig more novel. The texture of Loose Body Wave makes the hair look more concise. Natural Hairline, enough baby hair, and side parting, this 13x4 lace front wig can all satisfy you.

5.Skunk Stripe Bob Wigs

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If you often swipe YouTube videos, then you must have seen this gorgeous Skunk Stripe hair wig. It’s a black wig with blonde highlights. It has been very popular recently, and many YouTubers highly recommend it. Now WIGGINS HAIR has launched the same color but in bob wigs. The price is more affordable. By the way, it’s very easy to wear, and it’s also more convenient to wash. If you are a novice, don't worry. This wig is suitable for the vast majority of people. Just buy it, it won’t let you down!

After watching so many new hair wigs, you may love one of them. If you want to know more about the WIGGINS HAIR New Arrival Wigs, quickly click on this link: If you have other favorite wigs, you can also contact WIGGINS HAIR Customer Service to see if they can customize it for you. WIGGINS HAIR hopes that these wigs can make everyone more beautiful and more confident!