With more and more people prefer long-length curl hair, detangle has become an unavoidable problem in our daily care hair.  Many people who encounter hair tangle will be mad, pulling hair rudely, not only detangle problem has not been solved, but caused hair shedding and if it is lace front wig or lace closure wig it may even damage the lace, cause the irreparable consequences finally. 

So when you encounter hair tangle, do you know the right way to do detangle? It doesn’t mater if you don’t know, next let's learn how to detangle hair in our daily care together. 

1.When you first open the wig, please save the net if possible, this will help maintain the hair after use.

2.After worn the wig days and before wash, especially for the curly hair wig,like loose deep wave, curly, deep wave texture, please use a dime conditioner to spread on your hand and gently to lay the conditioner on a small bath tangle hair to detangle the hair with your hand, do not use the comb to comb it hardly; after you detangle it, starting from the bottom of the wig, gently comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb and your love.

3.Apply tap cold water onto the hair. Do not use any hot/warm water. Our curly hair is made without any chemical materials, so using hot/warm water might alter the texture. Take a dime size amount for condition and apply on the hair. Finger comb the conditioner onto the wig to give it even distribution. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Do not bunch or scrub the wig.

4.Rinse the conditioner off the wig with cool water. Water should appear clear after rinsing. Using a clean towel, blot the wig dry. 5.Allow the wig to air dry in a cool, dry environment. Never wear your wig wet. Quick Tip: For preventing less loose hairs, apply a small amount of clear glue on the wefts before wearing your wig.

Our hair is 100% human virgin hair, the best quality hair, we recommend that customers do hair care twice a week. If there is the hair tangle, remember to do hair care in time according to the processing above.  Proper daily hair care not only makes your hair shiny and fluffy but also extends the service life of your hair