The Double 11, as the global online shopping festival has been coming

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WIGGINS HAIR, as the professional hair producer will also launch the biggest annual benefits and concessions in order to reward new and old customers.

In order to enable more customers to enjoy this preferential activity, here is the short guide on WIGGINS HAIR to Buy on Double 11.  You can’t miss the big sale on WIGGINS HAIR.

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☛☛☛It is the Annual Minimum Price, up to 80% Off.

☛☛☛You can enjoy The Black Friday Discount In Advance.

☛☛☛Big Coupon + Free Gift + Free Wig + Free Order + Cash Back...


We have five promotion programs you can choose:


 1. The first part: Extra $10-$100 Coupon

Side -wide 6% off, code: Sale6

$10 Off Over $169, Code: Sale10

$30 Off Over $369, Code: Sale30

$50 Off Over $599, Code: Sale50

$100 Off Over $999, Code: Sale100


Obviously, this promotion is much bigger than before. 

 As you can see, once you place the order , you can enjoy 6% off.

The more you bought, the more discount you will get.


2. Special Deal (Time: Nov 10th- Now 12th)

The First 30 Orders Per Day Will Get 10% Off, Code: WG10


3. The third part: Final price over $399, you will get a free wig.


4. The forth part: Free order Every Day: 1st order, 11st order 111 st order 1111st order

Why don’t you have a try, you have the chance to get the free wig.


5. The fifth parts: 100 dollars cash back: Randomly Draw 10 Lucky Girls Every Day

Maybe you’ re that lucky girl. Get moving, first come, first served. Opportunities are for the prepared people. From now on, start to choose your favorite hair. Because the time of this activity is limited. Miss it this time and you’ ll have to wait another year.


We highly and strongly recommend that you take advantage of this event to buy HD lace wigs, long wigs and our new arrival wigs.


Firstly, Because HD lace is our top quality transparent swiss lace.It is lighter and thinner with invisible knots. And it also matches all the skins. We sell it very well and it is very popular with consumers. And you know that, the longer hair, the higher the price. If you choose the long hair at this time, the price is better and more favorable. There’s always on for you!

Secondly, our new arrival wigs are very delicate and beautiful. There are many hairstyles to be chosen for you. Different wigs can create a changeable image and bring a different visual feast to others.

If you say that you don’t have the enough money, don’t worry.

We also have the installment policy.

If you say that you don’t need it now, don’t hesitate.

You must also buy some at this time for stock, just in case.

If you say that you just need the wigs, that’s great.

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Remember forever that you deserve better. That’s why WIGGINS HAIR is here.

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