There are many different types of wig, such as 4*4 closure wig, 5*5 closure wig, 6*6 closure wig, 13*4 lace front wig, 13*6 wig, full lace wig and so on. Among all of them, if you do not consider the price factor, the most popular is the full lace wig.

Below we describe in detail the advantages of full lace wig.


There are a large number of fine holes on the lace, which can achieve a ventilation effect, which can greatly reduce the degree of sweating on the scalp and help the skin to breathe. Full lace wig is very suitable for people living in hotter areas, especially for people who are busy all day or who like to exercise and sweat easily. It is the best choice.

2. Comfortable

No one doesn't like the feeling of comfort.

Full lace wig is smooth to the touch, it is light to wear and even makes people not feel that they are wearing a wig. At the same time, it can be close to the scalp without hurting the scalp, so it is very comfortable when wearing. This is also one of the main reasons for the popularity of full lace wig.

And we have different texture for full lace wig, like Straight, Body wave, Loose deep wave, natural wave and curly.

3. Natural appearance

The natural appearance is the most proud feature of the full lace wig. Each hair of it is tied to the mesh individually, and can swing freely in any direction, giving a feeling of growing from the scalp, making the wig looks more natural and attractive.

It is made entirely of lace, it has the greatest breathability, and also convenient to make a variety of different styles.

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