Seems like the 360 370 wigs are back in fashion these days, we got a lot customer who asked for these type hair. Let’s find out more if you are not very familiar with them

360 wigs

1.With the big lace part around the cap, only the top of the cap is not lace, which means you can do a lot style with it

2.You can do the deep left/ right-side, you can do the part deep to 4 inches in the frontal, and you can even make a low ponytail hair love

3.There is no need for you to you worry about the price, which is even less than the lace frontal wig prices

370 wigs

1.It is the largest lace part wig if there is no full lace wig, you can also do a 6 inches deep part in frontal

2.Also most of the style of the hair you want, can be made with this type hair

3.All the texture like Deep / Loose Deep / Curly / Natural can be applied in this type wig as well

4.The price of this is like the lace frontal wig girls, so if you tired of the lace frontal wig, what about try this new type hair

Finally, i know you all already have the feeling for them, and the WIGGINS hair can apply this to you all